White City Retail


Europe's largest retail development
The creation of Europe's largest retail development has required many forms of concrete construction. An underground box was constructed to accommodate London Underground's Central Line sidings and subsequent work included pile caps, ground slabs, columns, service cores and suspended slabs. Both jumpform and slipform construction methods were used. Some 190,000m3 of concrete and 25,000t of reinforcement was placed. Two on-site batching plants helped cope with the large volumes of concrete required and avoided problems with local rush hour traffic.


Client: Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd.

Architect: Ian Ritchie Architects

Contractor: Multiplex Construction (UK) Ltd – Westfield Group

Structural engineers: Waterman Partnership

Group Resources

P.C. Harrington: Reinforced structures

Slipform International: Slipforming

Structural Systems (UK): Post-tensioning

HTC: Craneage

PCH: Plant hire