Health & Safety


Our commitment to caring for people and the environment is expressed through our policies, led by our senior management team and communicated by training and example.

Maximum delivery at minimum risk
Our Management Systems are aligned with ISO 18001 and ISO 14001.
We are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area - often adopting innovative approaches - and conduct regular environmental and safety consultations and training for all of our staff.

A well-established Incident and Injury Free programme which drives changes in behaviour has reduced accidents and environmental impacts. However, at the heart of our success is our organisational culture of caring for staff, colleagues and those affected by our work - there is no better feeling than knowing that everyone can return home safely at the end of each day.

We understand that we are ultimately judged on the way we care for the safety and health of our staff, third parties, customers and the public - coupled directly to the measures we take to manage the environment positively.

We will apply the necessary resource to not only meet our legal commitments, but to drive continuous improvement in these areas through the effective setting of objectives and targets, linked directly to effective training.

We understand that communications are not one way and that even listening to feedback from our staff, clients, suppliers and the public is not enough. Only by striving to achieve a culture of learning from what we see and hear will we maintain our mission of maximum delivery at minimum risk.