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We acknowledge that our activities can impact negatively on the environment and have committed to minimising these impacts. In addition, we recognise that sound environmental management plays an increasingly important role in all aspects of our work. We regularly review our policy, provide company-wide training, visit sites and consult with clients – working closely with them to help achieve their own environmental goals.

Minimising impact on the environment
Our environmental management system complies with ISO 14001 and, during 2009, we will be seeking formal accreditation. However, our aim is not just legal compliance, but to minimise our impact on the environment through best practice and continuous improvement. We have fully assessed our environmental aspects and impacts and undertaken risk assessments to ensure our impacts are as low as reasonably practicable
We have developed a sustainable timber policy and have become ‘chain of custody’ accredited to help us ensure that the timber we use comes from sustainable sources. Our accreditation also means that we can supply FSC and PEFC certified timber from our main yard in West London.

As each of our sites has its own unique environmental characteristics, individual Site Environmental Management Plans are issued. Making plans site-specific ensures that the environmental aspects of our work on that site are identified and controlled in the best way possible for that particular site, implementing best practice and always working to achieve continuous improvement.