PC Harrington Company History

P. C. Harrington Contractors Limited was registered as a Company in 1979 but traded previously from its foundation in 1968 as P.C. Harrington Formwork Limited. This Company is also still operating in works of a very specialised nature.

We are a specialist Company involved in all areas of in situ reinforced concrete construction from concrete frames, including substructures and slipforming, to bridges and complex architectural features. From our initial entry into the industry through Formwork contracting operation, we have steadily grown to a current turnover of approximately £250 million. We take pride in having established a reputation for commitment to quality production, to completing contracts on time and giving a value for money service to our clients, whatever their needs may be.

Whilst the Company’s main sphere of operations is the Greater London area, it is currently carrying out contracts in all areas of the United Kingdom.

A list of contracts carried out is available on request.

Professional Workforce
This Company has employed a 1200 plus workforce and a team of professional and specialist staff and management with wide experience in the industry. The Company’s operations are backed by its sister Company: P & E Harrington Plant Hire Limited, which ensures that all the required mechanical and non-mechanical plant resources, including mobile and static concrete pumps, cranes and excavators are available to meet the needs of all its contracts.

The growth during recent years of the management form of contracting has led to the specialist subcontractor and particularly the formwork/concrete frame subcontractor, in the role of “package” or “works contractor”, taking on a greater and more comprehensive responsibility. Construction Management has developed this role to the point where P.C. Harrington have, in effect, taken over the role which formerly was specifically that of the traditional main contractor.

P. C. Harrington Contractors Limited welcomed these market opportunities to reorganise and expand the Company. It is now established as a professional and committed works contractor with a proven record for controlling major contracts to a value exceeding £25 million, providing monthly valuations in excess of £2.5 million. P.C. Harrington implement a full Quality Management System. Contracts are audited to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and the Company Quality Manual.